About Dr. Baron

Born in Brooklyn, New York, when I was 6 my family left for Lindenhurst, Long Island 30 miles east. They chose to take me with them. Grief-stricken, the following year the Dodgers left for Los Angeles. After a would-be start in Syracuse University's School of Architecture, I opted to focus on internal design, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Creative Writing. Having never been west of Pennsylvania, but tiring of gloomy grey and snowy upstate New York weather, I moved to New Mexico in 1972 where the skies are not cloudy all day and deer and antelope play, though not Scrabble. Attending the University of New Mexico, in February of 1978 I rented a wolf outfit, clambered up toward a locker room with the wolf's head sticking out of a large brown bag, was stopped only briefly by a security officer who gave me a big smile at its sight (remember: might be a good prop to get through airports), and became the first Lobo mascot in The Pit. Two months later, I successfully defended my dissertation with a 27-word title on the psychological effects of diary writing, and thereby became "Dr. Mike," or "Mike the Psych." In 1980 I started my private practice, Therapy Services, and started New Mexico's first Scrabble club. In the 30+ years since, I combined both on-site work with students at schools throughout New Mexico along with private practice work with adults, couples, and students in my home office in Corrales. I met my wife at the 1988 National Scrabble Championship in Reno, Nevada. After 13 dates over 13 months, I proposed to her on a Scrabble board. She chose not to challenge my play, apparently finding the play "acceptable." At the 2010 National Championship, I became the answer to a conceivable future Trivial Pursuit question: "Who was the only sexagenarian to be in first place at any time during a National Scrabble Championship, which first started in 1978?" providing proof that one of an infinite number of monkeys at typewriters can create "Macbeth." Our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday by putting on a rock concert with five bands to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help make a 14-year-old's wish come true. I am growing steadily more confident she will thrive despite my parenting skills.

On a serious note, apart from the joys of family and friends, there is no more exquisite satisfaction than being privileged to enter another's life, journeying with that person in the therapeutic relationship, and helping him or her reach a better place in life.

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