Therapist Albuquerque
Dowel wall and furniture created by Dr. Baron. See

"Hardnosed humanist" might well describe Dr. Baron's approach: treating people with dignity, respect, empathy, good humor, and with the expectation that services will be provided professionally, efficiently, and with demonstrable outcomes. Dr. Baron believes one of the key ingredients in therapy is imbuing in others a sense of hope and optimism about life. While Dr. Baron enjoys working with adults and couples, one specialty area includes working with students (ages 10+ individually, ages 5+ within families) identified with special education needs and/or who have behavioral or emotional disorders. Kids call him "Dr. Mike." For possible medication issues, Dr. Baron refers to and confers with local psychiatrists.

After an initial phone consultation when an appointment is set, a first session is devoted to establishing and defining the goals of therapy and acquiring background information. Most of his clients are seen in short-term therapy, usually weekly initially and then less frequently as progress is made. Daytime as well as some evening or Saturday appointments are available. Most insurance plans and Medicaid can be used to cover the cost of his services.  Clients without insurance, or those choosing not to use it, may opt to pay under a sliding fee schedule based on income.

Note: not handicapped accessible.